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About ICP  

Interpersonal Communication Programs, Inc.

#1 in Practical Tools for Productive Conversations

We offer practical communication maps, skills, and processes that are:
      •     Based on modern information and systems theory
      •     Grounded in research and development at the University of Minnesota

We are best known as the originators and registered copyright holders of the Awareness Wheel® (or Information Wheel®), which is the structure (map) of any issue or situation and the foundation for clear talking skills. In addition, we are noted for our other frameworks, including the Styles of Communication®, the Listening Cycle®, and the collaborative decision-making and conflict-resolving process called Mapping-an-Issue®.

ICP provides instructor training, materials, and a certification process to develop quality teachers and coaches for:
      •      Effective talking and listening skills
      •      Systemic decision-making processes
      •      Collaborative conflict resolution

We also will provide or refer to certified instructors to teach your people directly if that fits your company needs better.

      Sherod Miller, Ph.D.
      Phyllis Miller, Ph.D.

Our goal is to build vital, satisfying, and productive relationships at work, home, and elsewhere.


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Interpersonal Communication Programs, Inc. (ICP)
            P.O. Box 609
            Evergreen, CO 80437
            Sherod Miller's cell phone at 303-332-1082