People Communicating in the Workplace

Collaborative Team Skills (CTS)

Content of Collaborative Team skills Modules  

For Building Effective Work Groups and Teams

Collaborative Team Skills consists of the first five modules of the
      #1 Communication Styles
      #2 Think System
      #3 The Information Wheel (Awareness Wheel adapted for business)
      #4 Listening Cycle
      #5 Mapping Issues

Collaborative Team Skills (CTS) is an abridged version of the I-SkillsZone system for in-tact work groups and team application.

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CTS Participant Materials  

Collaborative Team Skills Participant Set — (for team members)
Each team member receives his or her own participant materials — a Collaborative Team Skills Participant Set — for training in team communication.

The set includes:   
      1 Collaborative Team Skills Workbook
            142 pages, 8x1/2 by 11” Loose Leaf Binder, revised 2006
            2 inside pockets to house learning tools
      Learning Tools:
            1 Table-Top Skills Mat
            1 Information Wheel Pad
            1 Set of 4 Pocket Cards

Sold only for training through an I-SkillsZone/CTS Instructor